Christine is the founder of the DFI and in that capacity, she leads its direction, including its initiatives towards responsible innovation, financial inclusion and growing its ecosystem outreach internationally.

She is a frequent keynote speaker in tech, AI and law, having been invited to speak before the United Nations UNICTRAL on artificial intelligence law and Blockchain law, the Financial Action Task Force on technology and anti-money laundering law, Milken Institute on technology and financial inclusion, and the Asian Development Bank on financial inclusion.

Christine is consistently ranked as one of the Top 100 Women in FinTech, Top 100% Most Influential in FinTech and a Top 100 thought leaders across FinTech, AI and Blockchain and is in the top 5% on Klout.

The DFI has been instrumental in organizing and holding some of the first FinTech Conferences in Africa, the Middle East and Canada and is convening AgTech Africa in 2018 for food and global security, as well as the AI World Forum on November 27 – 28, 2017, in Toronto for a global gathering of thought leaders.

The DFI launched the successful Canadian FinTech & AI Awards, now in its 3rd year, and scholarships from the DFI for university students in AI and financial services.

Christine was instrumental in having the DFI join, as a founding member, the Global Banking Education Standards Board, an industry-led initiative founded by banking institutions to develop international standards for the education of bankers around the world. Members include the DFI, Bahamas Institute of Financial Studies, Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers, European Banking and Financial Services Training Association, the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, Korea Banking Institute, London Institute of Banking and Finance, New York Institute of Finance, Nigeria Bankers Institute, Singapore Institute of Banking and Finance.

Christine is involved as an entrepreneur, in a handful of tech and AI startups including Chatbo, the world’s only anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing chatbot on IBM Watson with a database of politically exposed persons and China’s most wanted; and FemRight, a not for profit developing a chatbot to provide education to teenage refugee girls on life-saving health issues.

Christine also practices law with Duhaime Law in Toronto and Vancouver and has a specialized counter-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering law practice.

She is the author of the popular financial crime and anti-money laundeting law blog “Duhaime’s Financial Crime” and the AI technology blog “Artificial Intelligence Insight.”

Christine is one of the 50 founding attorneys of the Digital Currency & Ledger Defence Coalition, a global not-for-profit of leading lawyers that supports constitutional rights of Blockchain, ledger and ICO technology entrepreneurs.

Christine frequently writes about technology and AI, including:

Christine is frequently in the media as an expert on legal issues, particularly in relation to financial crime, terrorism, financial, market regulation and digital currencies, ICOs and Blockchain.

Christine oversees the writing of the white papers published periodically by the DFI including: