The Institute joins forces with the University of Toronto and IBM Watson to create collaborative chatbot

August 8, 2019

The University of Toronto (U of T), the Digital Finance Institute (DFI), and the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies, student teams at the U of T Scarborough are designing a chatbot for a one-stop information gateway to boost innovation and investment in Canadian financial services.

Leveraging IBM Watson—IBM’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology—75 UTSC students studying computer science with Professor Abbas Attarwala collaborated with faculty across two campus-linked accelerators, The BRIDGE and the Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab, to build Canada’s first chatbot equipped with an encyclopedic knowledge of FinTech, AI, and the systems that support investment in Canadian industry.

“What is Canada’s leading city for AI? Who are the top women in FinTech in Canada? How does Ontario help start-ups export to new markets? Robust answers to these questions and more will be accessible 24/7 to anyone using our chatbot website or app anywhere in the world,” said Mario Grech, director and co-founder of DCSIL.

“When it comes to scaling a start-up and obtaining investment information, chatbot innovation is a game changer.”

The project is a global collaboration, with content contributions from around the world, including from the United Nations and Innovation Canada.

Currently, project stakeholders are seeking advisory support from financial institutions, tech companies, and thought leaders across disciplines to test the functional and operational capabilities of the chatbot, with the goal of deploying the finished product in November 2019.

The initial dataset is scheduled to be unveiled at the FinTech Canada Conference, hosted by DFI at MaRS Discovery District on August 14, 2019.

U of T student Alison Dudu and Bill McConkey, Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream) in the Department of Management at UTSC and Academic Director of The BRIDGE, meet with DFI staff member Everett Kohl to collect feedback and requirements for the project.

Pictured above: U of T student Alison Dudu and Bill McConkey, Assistant Professor in the Department of Management and Academic Director of The BRIDGE at UTSC, meet with DFI’s technology lead to coach the process.M