The Digital Finance Institute runs a conference series in order to support the development of FinTech, in Canada and elsewhere, such as Iran. The events are an opportunity for leaders in FinTech from around the globe to share their knowledge and expertise with attendees and help to establish crucial finance and other contacts in the FinTech community. The Institute has held numerous conferences, all of which have been sold out. Here’s the official list of all past and present conferences run by us:

  1. Digital Finance 2015 – Canada’s first FinTech Conference in Vancouver.
  2. Digital Finance Toronto – Toronto’s first FinTech Conference.
  3. Digital Finance Iran – Iran’s first FinTech Conference.
  4. – Vancouver’s 2nd Annual FinTech Conference.
  5. FinTechTO – Toronto’s 2nd Annual National FinTech Conference.
  6. AI Toronto – Canada’s first official Artificial Intelligence Conference.
  7. FinTech Nigeria – Nigeria’s first FinTech Conference.
  8. FinTech Vancouver – Vancouver’s 3rd Annual FinTech Conference.
  9. FinTech Toronto – Toronto’s 3rd Annual National FinTech Conference.
  10. AI Vancouver – Vancouver’s only AI Conference.