The Digital Finance Institute joined SWIFT’s Innotribe and Carlisle & Galligher Consulting Group to lead in FinTech diversity as the first organizations to address and support diversity in FinTech with the first “White Paper on PowerWomen in FinTech”, released strategically at Canada’s first FinTech Conference in Vancouver in June 2015, and with a permanent showcase of the most powerful women in Tech, the FemTech Leaders website which features profiles written by Sam Maule. Sam Maule is the Chief Inspirational Officer of the Institute.

FemTech Leaders is one of the most popular and influential websites on FinTech, with a wide reach internationally.

It profiles the most prominent and impactful women in FinTech from around the globe and has featured, for example, Fereshteh Forough, the CEO and Founder of Code to Inspire, Seema Patel, Senior Director of Visa Direct, Tuva Palm, Managing Director of Klarna, Allison Miller, Ads Risk of Google, Marsha Barnes, Founder of The Finance Bar and Andra Sonea, Lead Architech at Lloyd’s Banking Group Digital Innovation Lab, to name a few.

In addition to its importance as a leader in FinTech diversity, the FemTech Leaders project has spawned several meet-up groups for women in FinTech around the world, building upon the FinTech global eco-system that the Digital Finance Institute is committed to developing.

To read more, see here, including an anecdotal story from SWIFT on #FemTechLeaders’ genesis.

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