The Institute is working to help create a FinTech Association and would like your feedback before taking more formal steps to launch it, or to enable its launch, as a separate corporate entity. The FinTech Association is being created to bring together stakeholders involved in FinTech including law firms, accounting firm, finance firms, venture capital firms, startups, FinTech companies, government agencies, universities and such.

The Institute will use its ties to Hong Kong, London, the US and Iran in FinTech, as well as its membership, as the only Canadian firm with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Association, to help the FinTech Association build a network for Canadian startups in FinTech who want to leverage the global marketplace.

The mission will be to, inter alia:

  • Bring together Canadian FinTech for growth under one national umbrella;
  • Promote FinTech from Canada in Canada and abroad.
  • Represent the sector before public authorities, the media, investors, financial sector and universities.
  • Share experience, knowledge and information within the membership.
  • Create and build relationships with other associations in the digital finance industry.
  • Become engaged in legal policy matters and act as a liaison with respect to FinTech regulation.

We want your feedback on 3 questions:

1. The Association name should be:
  1. Canadian Financial Innovation Member Association
  2. FinTech Association of Canada
  3. Canadian FinTech Association
  4. Canadian Association for Financial Innovation
2. The Association should:
  1. Operate under the Institute
  2. Be a separate legal entity
  3. If 2, the Institute should “enable it” to retain continuity & national reach
  4. Regardless of 1, or 2, are you willing to act of director or officer of Association
3. Fees should be:
  1. Tiered, based on organizational size
  2. Flat fee, based on type of organization
  3. Low for start-ups
Please send your comments to