Celebrating a vision

We’re celebrating women in financial technology in November at the Digital Finance Institute. Approximately two years ago, in November 2014, we started the dialogue at the Digital Finance Institute that led to the creation of the first white paper on Women in FinTech, supported and published by Innotribe and Swift, that was their most downloaded white paper ever (available here).

It took a long time to research, collate, collaborate and write the first white paper on an area that had not been looked at before and to collect a list of women in the space.

White Paper released in Canada

The white paper was released in Canada in June 2015 at Canada’s first FinTech Conference in Vancouver with Peter Vander Auwera (co-founder of Innotribe), Sam Maule (head of Digital for NTT Data) and Christine Duhaime (founder of the Digital Finance Institute) – its creators – highlighting for the first time at a FinTech Conference, the importance of women in technology in finance. We made it the keynote opener to give the issue of diversity and inclusiveness the spotlight it deserved.

The white paper allowed us to hear first hand from powerful and impactful women in emerging FinTech and to bring their stories and experiences to light in a way that would provide role models for the success of other women in FinTech and a roadmap for organizations to follow for diversity and inclusiveness.

FemTech Leaders

The white paper led to the creation of FemTechLeaders.com, as an initiative to continue the work of profiling women and in essence to be part of the industry fix to craft solutions together for inclusion.

Global Impact Award

And last week, those efforts were highlighted when Peter Vander Auwera, Innotribe and SWIFT collectively won a “Global Impact Award” as part of the 2nd Annual Canadian FinTech Awards for their leadership in championing women in FinTech and the white paper, which started the FemTech Leaders initiative. The Awards were held in Toronto and attended by a sold-out audience of 500 people, who joined us in recognizing the vision to support women in technology.

A year ago, Peter Vander Auwera wrote about the genesis of the idea in this post. Our congratulations to Peter, Innotribe and Swift on winning the Global Impact Award for their the vision and leadership.

Powerlist 2016

This month, to come full circle, the Digital Finance Institute’s founder, Christine Duhaime, was included in the Innovate Finance 2016 Powerlist of Women in FinTech, along with many of the outstanding and accomplished women who were part of our original list of 437 women that started in November 2014, in addition to many upcoming stars of the FinTech ecosystem.

We are so pleased that an idea on diversity and inclusiveness has grown into a meaningful movement that draws attention to, and supports women in technology all over the world and are grateful to have played a part of its success.

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