Janos Barberis is the Asia Lead for the Digital Finance Institute and is the Founder and CEO of SuperCharger, the Hong Kong-based FinTech accelerator.

Janos is a Millennial in FinTech and recognized as a top-35 global FinTech leader. His expertise, developed within his PhD at HKU, is focused on the new regulatory considerations raised by the development of FinTech. He sits on the FinTech advisory boards of the World Economic Forum and the Securities & Futures Commission. In addition to the SuperCharger, he founded FinTech Books and FinTech HK, which undertakes research.

Previously, Janos was the first hire at a prospective UK challenger bank, Lintel, helping it to secure a banking license from the PRA & FCA. This role followed a specialist interest developed over 7 years, in financial systems and their stability. Notably, in 2012 Janos proposed to reform the Chinese shadow banking sector by developing P2P lending channels. He also introduced the framework of developing real-time and dynamic regulatory supervision models for financial networks, paving the way towards what is now regarded as RegTech.

Janos has an LLM in Corporate and Financial Law (HKU) as well as a BSc in Economics & Finance and LLB in Law (UK). He has been awarded a Research Postgraduate Scholarship from Hong Kong University Law School where he is a PhD Candidate.